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What type of pension do you have?

There are lots of different types of pension. Your type of pension may have been chosen by your employer rather than yourself.

Different pensions have different rules (often set by the scheme itself) so it pays to talk to a professional about your options contact Cambridge Pensions. Different types of pension offer different options of when and how you take pension income.

What are the different types of pension?

  1. Defined Benefit Pension (Final Salary Pension)
    Defined Benefit Pensions pay out a secure (guaranteed) income for life that increases every year. Read more >>>
  2. Defined Contribution Pension
    A Defined Contribution Pension is based on the value of your underlying pension fund(s). Read more >>>
  3. Workplace Pensions
    There are three main types of pension you get through work. Read more >>>
  4. Personal Pension
    Personal Pensions are Defined Contribution Pensions. Read more >>>
  5. Self-Invested Personal Pension SIPP
    A SIPP is similar to a Personal Pension but offers more flexibility with the investments you can choose. Read more >>>
  6. Stakeholder Pension
    A Stakeholder Pension is a Defined Contribution Pension. Read more >>>
  7. State Pension
    State Pensions are based on the number of National Insurance Contribution years you have attained. Read more >>