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What type of pension do you have? > State Pension

7. State Pension

State pensions are based on the number of National Insurance Contribution years you have attained.

State Pension.

In 2019-20 you receive £168.60 per week (you can receive more if you have built up credits working for someone else over this period through the old assessment system).

The best thing to do is to phone this number and ask them to send you your statement telling you how many years you have made sufficient NIC contributions, and, what your state pension is projected to be 0345 300 0168.

The Basic State Pension changed to the Single Tier Pension on 6/4/16. Everybody’s Basic State Pension and Additional State Pension were valued at 5/4/16 and the foundation amount established by the higher of the two being applied. The Additional State Pension can add significant income. Basic State Pension required 30 years contributions for a full pension, Single Tier Pension requires 35 years.

Contact Cambridge Pensions for further advice regarding your State Pension.