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Transfer your pension, Consolidate your pension

You may have multiple pensions from different jobs you have held over the years.

These might be a combination of final salary schemes, defined contribution occupational schemes, and your own personal pension arrangements.

Keeping track of your Pension Funds

Even the most organized of people cannot always list all of the pensions they own. A lot of people lose track of their pensions and there are billions of pounds worth of unclaimed pensions in the UK.

Once you have a list of all of your pensions, you might find that they are not in the optimum funds/type of pension for your objectives and needs and capacity for loss, so, you might want to consolidate all your pensions into one pension, or, consolidate some of the pensions but not others.

Reviewing pension arrangements is a complex task and it is often best to seek professional advice to understand the implications of leaving different types of schemes.

Transferring out of Defined Benefit Pensions (Final Salary Pensions)

Transferring out of Defined Benefit pension is a specialist area, and requires specialist pension advice (this is mandatory for pensions worth more than £30,000).We are the highest level qualified Pension Transfer Specialists and we are licensed to do these transfers.

What happens to your pension when you get divorced

Please read our blog concerning this >>>

For further information on tranferring or consolidating your pensions contact Cambridge Pensions.

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